Congratulations on becoming part of the DE team!

From this ‘home page’ you will fLaughing picind access to the classes you have signed up for, and have admittance to the communal areas of the site. Please remember to get interactive; ask questions, start chats, make friends. Most importantly, I hope you learn some useful skills that improve your physical, emotional and spiritual health, whilst having some fun.

So the idea is for you to read the class notes either before or along with watching the videos. They will give you all the information you need about how each of the energies work. Then watch the corresponding video, next play with the energy. Watching the video once will awaken your latent abilities, then you just need to think or intend the name of the energy or a synonym and the energy will work. It sounds too simple, we are so used to learning through repetition, that this awakening way takes a little getting used to. Please simply trust that watching the video will allow you to have the skill.

The intro level is a great starting point for you to get used to using intention and magic. It’s free and similar to Reiki, there are some fun experiments like changing the taste of wine usinReceiving healingg intention, that always brings the house down!

Level 1 is where the real magic happens, you learn the ‘Flower Of Life’ to bring organs up to their optimal level, the ‘Merkaba’ which can be used to travel the universe in meditation, ‘Soul Fragmentation’ to bring lost pieces of the soul home, get to skype with me and much much more!

I look forward to meeting you all soon, get in touch, get interactive.

Love to you all!


P.S. Incase you get confused as to how to use the site here are the steps!

1) Login (no access unless you are logged in and videos will just appear locked)

2) Click the forum and classes button which is top right of the screen

3) Select the area you want to visit

4) If it’s the introductory level click that,  then you have the option to view the videos or the class notes. I recommend reading the notes ahead of watching the videos (you won’t be able to access the higher levels until you sign up to them)

5) Watch the videos and try the energies out. All you need to do is think of the energy and it will work, it’s as simple as that

6) Get interactive, make friends, ask questions, post a photo, start a chat, have fun!