SO, I’m Antonia, Divine Empowerment is my baby. I have been teaching energy healing for a few years now and I am constantly humbled and excited by the results that my students have, it is truly a wonder to behold. They help so many people in the most miraculous of ways.

As my energy system hcircleas evolved, I am now able to teach and install light tech into students simply by students watching pre-recoded footage. I thought that it would thus be sensible to set up a site designed for this, allowing students to take the class at their own pace, as I know taking several days off at a time can be tough. Also, as it is pre-recoded I am able to keep costs down, so I have halved the price of classes for you.

All my classes will be available here in the members area. To receive the transmission or apps, all you need to do is watch the video once and the light tech will be ‘installed’ into your energy system. To use the energy, you just have to think of it or intend to run it. You can call on it by the given name, or a synonym, even in a different language if that feels appropriate to you?

You will have access to the classes that you have subscribed to, if you want to proceed to the next level simply sign up, pay and play.

There is unique footage in each level, please feel free to pose questions to students on your level or indeed on the general forum. Please befriend one another, healers are some of the most amazing people you will ever meet, some of the friendships forged here could last a lifetime.
This work is divine and should be joyful, please enjoy and have fun with it.

My aim here is to build a community of healers so we can all interact with one another. I will answer questions via the forums, and also vlogs. I will also put up special videos and other goodies which will only be available to students, if there is anything that you think could be improved upon, please just let us know, this is a new project so we are constantly looking for inspiration!

Thank you for joining the team.

Be well, be happy!