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Divine Empowerment is a deeply transformative healing art. It evolves our energy systems dramatically over a short space of time. Some people, after attending such a powerful evolutionary workshop experience ‘Divine Fever’. If you are taking the class in just a few days you may need a bit of quiet time before resuming normal activities. If you are doing it over several weeks this will be lessened. The way you perceive the world may have shifted dramatically, you may feel disorientated, especially in relationship to family and partners (it is recommended you share transmissions with them so that you become aligned once more). Other symptoms consist of ringing in the ear, exhaustion, flu-like muscle ache; there can be emotional release such as crying. Latent minor illnesses may arise especially if we allow no time to digest the evolution.

On the other hand, certain physical and emotional issues may be alleviated/ or we may notice nothing at all, bar a heightened sense of well-being. It is all part of the healing process.

I agree that I have read and understood the above paragraph and agree that Divine Empowerment is not responsible for any individual symptoms listed or not that may arise as a result of receiving this treatment/ attending the workshop. I agree to take personal responsibility for whatever physical or emotional symptoms may arise as part of the healing process when receiving energy work, as well as to take responsibility for seeking medical treatment when I perceive it is necessary.

If I advertise my healing on-line/ in publication / other forms/ and or offer healing or transmissions to friends or client my claims will be ethical and true. I will credit Divine Empowerment, in all forms of advertising and have a ‘back-link’ to home page; I will also credit Divine Empowerment with the work verbally during treatments.

If I choose to become a practitioner I will purchase suitable insurance, and act within within local laws pertaining to energy healing.

I will act with ethics, integrity, dignity, truth and compassion, without prejudice whilst representing Divine Empowerment at all times.

I will not attend to a client whilst under the influence of mind altering drugs, or alcohol, or whilst sick with a communicable disease.

Unless I am a doctor, I may not give medical diagnosis, or use the word ‘cure’ (you are un-insured if you do). I shall in no way dis-encourage a client from seeking medical advice.

Client’s confidentiality must be maintained.

When treating a child, a parent or legal guardian must be present.

It is recommended that reasonable fees are charged either in the form of a financial reward or an exchange or services.